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From my earliest memories, Food has been a big part of my life; eating it, creating it and sharing it. As a young girl, I remember standing on a chair in the kitchen helping my mom cook. At the age of nine I joined a 4-H club and have been preparing and creating food ever since. I was serious about food and participated in numerous competitions and entered hundreds of items in the County Fair, winning enough ribbons to fill a large box.

Many years ago when I was in grade school, my mom told me about someone she knew who had cancer. This person went to Florida and only ate vegetabes and drank juices and was healed of cancer. Even as a young girl, I was in awe that eating vegetables could heal someone. I remember telling myself that if I ever got cancer that's what I'd do. Now, forty some years later, this memory surfaced and I believe living a raw lifestyle has always been a part of my destiny! I am grateful it wasn't cancer that finally got me to change my ways!


Although I had a love for food, it wasn't healthy food. My oldest daughter had a daily struggle with chronic illnesses for the first 5 years of her life, with no relief in sight. It was during this time, I started researching, studying and finding out about nutrition and healthy food. I became passionate about natural health and healthy eating. When my love for food, and my love for natural health met in the form of a raw food lifestyle - I knew I had found my calling and purpose!


A dear friend introduced me to raw and living foods in March of 2010, and I can honestly say, my life has been transformed with only possibilities ahead of me. I am often asked why I “eat raw food” or why I adopted a raw lifestyle.  My main answer is, “I was desperate.”  I wanted to feel better - to feel normal. I was tired of being sick, depressed, dealing with injuries that wouldn’t heal, feeling lethargic, having chronic insomnia and so much more.  I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing but couldn’t seem to bridge the chasm to wholeness and health - until I “went raw.” 


People who have known me for awhile have seen many changes in me since I modified my life style. Probably the biggest change others have noticed is the 45 pounds that I have released. The second most commented on area of transformation has been my countenance; the peace in my face, the light in my eyes.


Filling the body with nutrient rich foods allows the body to expend less energy digesting the food you eat and expend more energy in healing disease, illness, rebuilding and restoring all of the cells and tissues necessary to support a healthy body. The body was designed to heal itself and many times we can help by making a few changes to our food intake and lifestyle.


If you have been sick, tired, depressed, lethargic and overwhelmed with life I suggest you give raw food a chance. After feeling bad for so many years – I am still amazed at how fabulous I feel since I started eating raw and living foods. Feeling good has become my motivation to remain healthy, fit and happy.


Benefits of A Raw Living Food Lifestyle can include:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Weight loss
  • Improved skin tone and softness
  • Mental clarity
  • Healing of illness, disease and injury
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Anti aging - You will look younger and more vibrant in no time




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