A story of freshness

Meet the Owner & Creator

Image by Phillip Larking

Hey loves, I am Kay. I am the owner and creator of Raw Intentions. I am absolutely thrilled to have made it this far in the candle industry and funny enough candle making has become a joy and passion of mine, it has become more like my therapy and makes me feel like I have purpose. Every candle I hand pour is made with so much love and intent. I created this company to give our real, authentic, and worthy people (hence RAW intentions) something to use to manifest their rawest dreams and aspirations into this world. Just how each candle is unique in its own way, especially while lit, is just a reminder of how you are a divinity of love and light. 

"You are a divinity of love and light, so light them the fuck up!"

- Words of my beautiful Mema 
(A woman made of pure love)